One long weekend in October, technology professionals give their knowledge and time to help make a difference in their communities.

October 19, 2018 – Cincinnati, OH — Southwest Ohio GiveCamp is about giving technical resources to non-profits and charities that do not have them. It links up technology professionals with various organizations so they can get help to improve existing sites, build new sites or apps that allow them to reach out to their various communities.

Non-profit organizations are about providing a service to someone that is in need. They don’t have the knowledge or time to get a website up, manage their donations, or communicate with donors. Southwest Ohio GiveCamp gives them the ability to do this.

Here is the list of projects and charities that were involved this year:

Back Right: Centric’s Brian Starr

This year’s Southwest GiveCamp Stats

51 Volunteers

12 Non-Profits

20 Non-Profit Representatives

About 1080 hours of volunteered time

$108,000 dollars in value

$9,000 of value per non-profit

In total, over the nine years of SWOGC…

104 projects

632 Volunteers

$1,453,025 of value

Averaging $14,000 in value per non-profit

About Southwest Ohio GiveCamp

Every October, technical professionals meet at Miami University, Voice of America Campus to help other non-profit organizations with professional services. GiveCamp is a weekend-long event that brings together a community of volunteers who donate their time and talents to provide web and software solutions for local non-profit organizations. Learn more about Southwest Ohio GiveCamp here.

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