Back Office Transformation and Change Management

Centric lifts business efficiency by developing a change management plan to revamp organizational structure and applications.

The Business Need

With the introduction of a web-based business solution and the centralization of multiple business functions, our client’s sales force and back-office staff simultaneously adopted new business processes, job descriptions and management expectations. At the same time, the company’s customers learned a new way of doing business.

The objective of top management was to enhance the customer experience while ensuring company resources received proper training in new processes to minimize any business interruptions that could arise in this transition.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

After successfully delivering and implementing a standard Project Management methodology across all business units, Centric led the largest project effort in the company’s history. Through our existing partnership, our client recognized Centric’s expertise in delivering a multi-faceted approach inclusive of Project Management, Change Management, Performance Management and Organization Design and Alignment.

The Centric team developed a solution to address the complex issues facing the company during their transition period. Specifically, Centric worked to:

  • Conduct a high-level assessment of existing operations, technical / data architecture and change readiness to understand and highlight the level of transformation to be expected
  • Facilitate ‘as is’ process documentation sessions to capture detailed processes within strategic business functions
  • Leverage Centric’s cross industry knowledge to discuss best practices and assist with changing from the status quo
  • Document ‘to be’ process flows across all impacted business functions
  • Define metrics for both individual jobs as well as cross-functional business processes to measure and track success from the first day of deployment
  • Conduct business-function-specific solution workshops leveraging future state process flows and preliminary software capabilities to validate strategic vision
  • Develop procedure manuals to use as the foundation for scenario based training where all cross functional users were able to interact with each other through simulated scenarios
  • Pilot Sales Lead to Cash process in live environment with core business users and key clients
  • Create a comprehensive change management plan that was tightly integrated with the overall project plan to ensure coordination and execution of deliverables


The project was completed on time and within budget through the tight management of change controls and a willingness to adopt business processes aligned with the newly implemented software solution. Through the rapid implementation of core methodologies, a technical foundation aligned with our client’s growth strategy and the streamlining of internal processes across three business units, Centric lead a successful implementation of the largest IT initiative in the company’s history.

This initiative enabled the company to surpass its competition and deliver on its strategic vision. What’s more, the discipline required for continuous process improvement across the organization set the stage for a culture of ongoing operational enhancement.