Salesforce Marketing Cloud and a custom salesforce app are used to combine aggregated real-time mobile handset user data with core customer data to deliver custom marketing messages.

Custom Salesforce App

The Business Need

Centric’s client is a leading aggregator of mobile analytics. Their data collection and aggregation functions are used by more than 3,000 customers who have embedded the software into more than 37,000 apps, which in turn is deployed on just under 3 billion smartphones. Their analytics platform collects data from many leading retail, travel, weather, and news applications. Using this platform, marketers can gain rich insights and drive targeted engagement across the user lifecycle by nurturing new users, prompting conversions, and reducing churn with intelligently targeted, personalized campaigns.

To further increase the usefulness of the data, our client wanted to make it available to leading marketing automation packages such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and Adobe Marketing Cloud. If the mobile analytics data was available within these Marketing Cloud packages, then truly impactful marketing campaigns could be designed and implemented based on real-time mobile and end-user handset actions.

Enter Centric

Centric deployed a development team with expertise in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce App Exchange, and custom Salesforce app development to build a bi-directional connector between the aggregator of mobile analytics and a Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance. Available via Salesforce Hub Exchange, the application allows marketers to combine customer data with mobile analytics data to create personalized marketing campaigns.

The analytics providers can deliver targeted messages to mobile application users who rely on their API for data collection. This push messaging capability is exposed within Salesforce’s marketing automation tool, providing great ease of use and flexibility for marketing professionals.

Centric’s custom Salesforce app allows marketers to push messages to the analytics aggregator to, in turn, push the messages to millions of mobile handset users. Without ever leaving the Salesforce marketing automation package marketers can:

  • Access the aggregator’s cloud-stored data collected via the aggregator’s software embedded in millions of native mobile applications
  • Use this data natively within Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Sales cloud using the Centric-built Salesforce app. Queries can be executed to filter specific user segments to provide targeted offerings.
  • Send offers from Salesforce to the data aggregation platform where it is then delivered to mobile users. The solution is completely scaleable – hundreds, thousands, or millions of messages can be instantaneously sent.

Centric Delivers

The mobile data aggregator has been able to market the availability of the Salesforce connector as a true value-add to their product. Downloads of the app within Salesforce Hub exchange are rapidly increasing and marketers can easily send push notifications, The app connectors allow the mobile data aggregator to target specific industry verticals such as retail, travel and leisure, and finance by customizing the various marketing automation platforms with industry-specific functionality.