By using data-driven insights to streamline the email build and distribution process, this multinational company can now deliver smarter and more effective customer touch points.

Business Need

A multinational computer software company has a robust email marketing program to encourage subscription renewal of their software. The campaigns are so robust that outreach used to require building separate emails tailored to the more than 30 markets in multiple languages.

Centric was chosen to help the company re-architect their marketing outreach campaign, which included streamlining the email build process, reducing the amount of emails customers receive to create a better experience, and using data to drive a process for more effective customer communications in order to increase the amount of software renewals.

Enter Centric

Marketing Journey Build Example

Journey Builder Example. Click to view larger.

Salesforce’s Journey Builder was utilized to allow the company to deliver timely and relevant content through just one “journey,” making it possible to build just one email with dynamic content rather than more than 30. Journey Builder also provided a powerful interface to better understand the engagement and path of each customer.

Centric was instrumental in analyzing captured data, as well as testing different messages and interactions (opting in and opting out) to design new customer journey paths that resulted in a stronger marketing process. The Centric team also built custom applications to make implementation of these marketing campaigns easier.

The Results

Using this combination of tactics, the company greatly reduced the number of emails sent. The company can now send powerful, individualized messages at different key points in the sales process that have been proven to prompt customer decision-making.

As a result:

  • The company now has an automated and streamlined process for distributing customer content, which has greatly reduced campaign setup time.
  • This new, automated process reduces the number of emails in an individual’s inbox and instead orders up messages tailored to unique needs – all of which provide a better, more personalized customer experience.
  • Using the data gained through this process, the company now has powerful insights into the actions of their customers, which includes a better understanding of how and when customers make decisions.

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