Centric delivers a web-based, agent-facing commercial policy application serving eleven Midwest states.

The Business Need

To maintain their position as a market leader in agent automation and to further improve upon service-level capabilities, a national insurer initiated a project to fully automate the process flows associated with their commercial lines business. The accelerated process required the utilization of external resources.

Given the strategic nature of the project, the company recognized that simple staff augmentation was not sufficient and sought a partner that not only had the necessary insurance and technical experience but also shared its core company values. This combined team would need to include project managers, iteration managers, web developers, mainframe developers, business analysts and quality analysts.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

The company partnered with Centric to:

  • Establish a program that would scale to multiple teams and accelerate the development
  • Institute agile practices to support accelerated business value
  • Recruit and lead new development teams
  • Define program/project management processes to manage a scaled agile approach supporting six teams 
  • Establish architectural standards and governance
  • Define requirements and testing strategies, incorporating industry best practices into existing processes 


A web-based commercial policy quoting and servicing application was created, allowing agents of the insurer to quote and upload new business in eleven states. By refining the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and taking advantage of agile development practices, the time it typically takes for requirements to be turned into functioning software was reduced.


  • Agents can create commercial line quotes across four lines of business and can currently provide full-service to BOP policies.
  • Quoting capability was implemented on server, allowing insurers to move away from mainframe dependency in the rating process.
  • User experience was consistently applied across commercial and personal product lines, providing the agent with a consistent user experience.
  • A robust change management process was created that reduced risk and increased productivity by allowing the highest  priority features to be completed first. These updates resulted in a faster realization of business value.
  • The quote and application entry process was streamlined by more logically grouping policy information
  • Application and SDLC implementation was nominated for a Columbus Technology Innovation award.
  • Application demonstrates the incorporation of agile methodologies at scale, supporting six concurrent software development teams.
  • Implemented test automation strategy provided timely feedback on system stability and shortened the regression test cycle, allowing for quicker and more frequent deployment of code.
  • Technical components included .NET, Cucumber, Watir and Ruby, SQL Server and ActiveReports.
Commercial agents can now quote and upload applications in real time. Bound policies have increased 340 percent since initial release of the application, allowing insurers to realize an increase in premium of $3.5M over the previous year.