The Business Need: Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment

The Chief Marketing Officer of a regional insurance company needed to better understand the maturity of their digital marketing ecosystem and how they compared to others in their industry. This insight was needed to prioritize and plan for future digital initiatives.

Enter Centric

The CMO enlisted Centric and a global digital agency to help review the company’s website, mobile experience, social media, search, online advertising, content, customer experience and analytics capabilities versus their competitors. Administrative aspects of managing an evolving digital marketing ecosystem were reviewed and used to portray the effectiveness of the current digital ecosystem across the customer journey.

Centric Delivers

The Centric team assessed the client and identified competitors across the following areas:

    • Public website
    • Mobile experience
    • Social Media
    • Content and search
    • Paid Media
    • Digital Marketing Analytics
    • Use of digital marketing tools

The team evaluated current digital assets and prepared a digital journey map that summarized the effectiveness of key customer stakeholders’ current digital experiences. The team also assessed the organization, tools and internal processes used in managing the digital marketing ecosystem.

These insights helped establish and prioritize pilot initiatives to deliver powerful new marketing capabilities and digital touch points for specific target customers and products.

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