Private Equity Hospitality Industry Investment Firm Seeks Strategy and Architecture Guidance

Centric delivers comprehensive technology plan and roadmap to implement a successful technology platform.

The Business Need

The CEO of a private equity firm felt his company wasn’t getting the value it needed from IT. Reporting and analytics were basic, slow, and inflexible; IT wasn’t delivering new services to benefit the business. On the other hand, IT felt it was too overwhelmed maintaining the current systems to be able to build new functionality, and was underfunded to build systems that could meet the requested features.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

Centric worked with the CEO, COO and CIO to:

  • Deliver an analysis in eight weeks that reviewed the technology infrastructure, organizational design, processes, funding model, service portfolio and organizational risk.
  • Revamp the client’s perception of technology – helping them understand the importance of building a solid technology platform and leveraging that platform for future business needs
  • Determine major business needs through collaborative meetings with corporate leadership, and help get buy-in on projects. Ultimately, the CEO approved a significant IT budget increase.


Centric identified all major business demands and designed both a target architecture plan and roadmap to implement a solid technology platform. Benefits of this project included:

  • Deeply increased understanding of current organization and facts for decision making
  • Improved understanding between business and IT of each other’s roles, expectations and needs in order to perform
  • Increased knowledge of best practices for the IT org structure and target IT org models based on company growth projections