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Nichole Lee

National Business Consulting Services Talent Lead

Ask Me About

Talent Acquisition, Enterprise and Organizational Change Management, Technology Adoption, Talent & Organizational Development, Team Effectiveness, Coaching, Health & Wellness

Get to Know Me

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, volunteering, traveling, fitness, reading personal development books, attending seminars, and helping others on their health and wellness journey.

I am a Dr. Sears Wellness Institute certified health coach, where the focus is on LEAN – Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition, to live happier and healthier lives. I am also a certified personal and executive coach as well as in the process of pursuing a Reiki Master certification.

Who inspires you and why?

My mother, who is no longer living, because she was strong, brave, living life on her terms and living it to the absolute fullest.

Favorite book and why?

The Four Agreements because it is such an inspiring book that can transform your life in learning how to live a free, happy, fulfilling life.

What energizes you and brings you excitement?

I am energized by helping others live happy and healthy lives. It’s exciting to know you can make a positive impact in someone’s life – big and small – by asking a person how they are doing, offering to buy a stranger a cup of coffee, volunteering at a community event, or helping someone meet their personal or professional goals.

Listening To What Our Clients Need

“At Centric, people are our number one priority – employees and clients. With our clients, we focus on making unmatched experiences, listening to what our clients need and tailoring our solutions to meet them where they are to support their overall success.”

Nichole Lee