Business Transformation in Vision Care

Putting business before technology helps a major company in domestic vision care advance a program and transform a business.

The Business Need

Our client built their business on flexibility and customer service, creating internal capabilities to support the business through custom development on an IBM AS/400 platform.

Once it became clear that they needed to change platforms to better manage business operations and customer relations, the company began evaluating alternatives that would have no impact customers or vision care providers. After false starts with Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and SAP, they started down a path of massive customization of Facets (estimated 30 percent standard and 70 percent custom). This change, however, proved to be cost-prohibitive in both near-term development and longer-term support. The company needed a way to define changes to the business that Facets could support while minimizing changes to the system.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

With Centric’s extensive experience in business process engineering and management, we were able to help design and implement a business process office to lead the definition of new business processes that support a more standard implementation of the Facets system and change the business to increase the bottom line and improve customer satisfaction.

Centric implemented a process-driven approach to defining the future, identifying technology gaps to fill and linking requirements and test cases to processes to ensure continuity and completeness. All of this while keeping a focus on performance measures both inside and outside of the business.


The business is now driving the program. There is clarity in direction and impact. The technology teams are getting more actionable guidance for configuring Facets and clearer requirements for custom development.

In addition:

  • Custom development was reduced from the previous plan (estimated 70 percent standard and 30 percent custom).
  • Understanding of the impact on providers and customers is better understood and being planned for accordingly.
  • Program participants better understand how their efforts impact the business and fit into the whole of the program.
  • Business Process Engineering is now a core competency for the client. Following the completion of this program they will be well positioned to drive continuous improvements across the business.