BPM Client Onboarding/Account Opening Process

The Business Need

Our client onboarded new Personal Financial Services (PFS) customers/accounts through an extensive, manual, and linear process. PFS provide integrated financial services for high-net-worth individuals, families and family offices. The existing process lacked visibility and SLA management across multiple points of failure and duplicate activities (e.g. accounts attached to incorrect products, missing benchmark/fee schedules, inconsistent data across multiple systems). The onboarding process spanned a minimum of 5 days to months.

Enter Centric

Centric conducted process definition, gathered requirements, designed and implemented the process with IBM Business Process Manager. Development followed a modified agile approach with iterative “playbacks.” Our team facilitated deployment and user training for a successful launch.


The business process is enabled through the IBM BPM technology with integration for the company’s corporate security and user/role management solutions (LDAP). Documents are managed through the organizations document library and attached to the IBM BPM process stream.

  • Centric utilized an agile design approach to iteratively deliver a client onboarding solution that captures data only when needed and enables parallel processing of activities.
  • The results from the implementation of the solution have been dramatic from both a process efficiency and a client experience perspective. Centric was able to redesign a manual linear process and transform the approach to 4 major streams of parallel processing, allowing the client to onboard certain clients from a minimum of 5 days down to 1-2 days for some cases.
  • In addition, process participants and managers gained visibility into the status of the onboarding process through process reporting, email notifications and escalations.