When transitioning to the cloud, it can be hard to get off the ground.

Like an airplane taking off, it takes people, power, and skill to soar safely and successfully.

For businesses looking to improve their IT functions and processes, the cloud is the place to be. In fact, as more companies move off-prem to reduce costs, increase security, expand their global reach and accelerate innovation, cloud spending is growing nearly 20 percent year, totaling more than $160 billion worldwide.

More and more IT workloads will soon be processed in the cloud than on-premise, which is causing major change in IT.

But for any business, cloud transformations are full throttle implementations. The rate of acceleration and magnitude of change present complex technical and organizational challenges. If you’re thinking of making a journey to the cloud, there are several things to carefully consider before take off to safely reach your destination: control, security, cost, and change management.

In our ebook, Journey to the Cloud: A Guide to Overcome Common Cloud Concerns, we share strategies to overcome these common cloud concerns, making your transition smoother and more effective.

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Speaking of Cloud…

We recently hosted a few events where we explained how to foster innovation with three cloud-enabled technologies ‒ Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and Cloud Native Development. We also shared how to put these technologies to work in real-world scenarios.

In the coming months, we’ll be hosting more events in other cities. Contact us to get updates