Mobile Application Development for Time & Expense Reporting

Centric enables leading developer of Time and Expense Management software to increase customer engagement using innovative mobile app technology

The Business Need

Dovico Software, a leading developer of Time Management Solutions whose products provide project management tools and time and expense tracking services for companies such as National Geographic, DHL, Heinz and PitneyBowes, was looking to provide mobile capability to its customers by creating an innovative smart phone application that enabled busy, on-the-go professionals to log Time and Expense (T&E) data via their smartphones.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

Centric’s workshop-based approach identified several key process enablers and benefits that could be leveraged using a mobile device like the Apple iPhone:

  • Streamline month-end billing processes by avoiding untimely delays involving T&E data entry.
  • Simple, easy to use interface would enable iPhone users to enter T&E data to all appropriate charge codes and projects
  • Secure user authentication and data access to server-side architecture
  • Business data would be automatically uploaded to Client’s hosted database, eliminating the need to manually synchronize information
  • Built-in reporting functionality offered analysis of T&E metrics by date range, category, project task and other criteria
  • Camera enabled smart phones could be used to submit a picture of expense receipts further streamlining the tedious process of expense tracking

Dovico Mobile App Dovico partnered with Centric to form a team of developers and users to build an iPhone app that could seamlessly interface with their existing software’s server architecture. Centric led white boarding sessions, designed a robust mobile application architecture, and developed a services layer that was extensible for future handset platforms.


The iPhone app allowed Dovico to significantly expand its software offerings in the rapidly growing mobile computing market. More importantly, it allowed Dovico’s mobile customers an easier way to enter and submit time and expenses as well as run reports while ensuring everything was kept synchronized to the host database. This mobile capability has allowed Dovico to tangibly differentiate its T&E offering from their competitors.