The Business Need: Social Media Strategy

A P&C Insurance Carrier needed to leverage social media channels for selling to and servicing customers as part of their enterprise transformation program. They had little experience with social media and needed guidance in getting started. The client asked Centric to develop a social media strategy and roadmap that aligned with and supported their transformation initiatives.

Enter Centric

Centric brought experienced insurance industry and digital consultants that understood the complexities of the industry. Centric partnered with a global digital agency to assess existing social media activities and develop a comprehensive, end-to-end social media strategy and an implementation plan for integrating social media into broader marketing programs.

Centric Delivers

The Centric team developed the a social media strategy that supported the objectives of enterprise transformation, provided the business justification for the strategy and developed the rollout roadmap. The team educated the client marketing team along the way in social media best practices and tools, as well as on the approach to integrate with and amplify other marketing activities. 

The strategy addressed startup, roll out and maturing of the use of social media channels for both outbound marketing and social media monitoring. The comprehensive strategy included:

  • Current State Internal & Competitor Discovery
  • Channel Plan
  • Tools & Resources
  • Governance and Staffing model
  • Analytics and Reporting 
  • Rollout Roadmap