Large Water / Wastewater Municipal Utility – Fleet Services Software Replacement

The Business Need

Centric’s client is the 10th largest water and wastewater utility in the nation. With a network of more than 5,500 miles of fresh water pipeline and nearly 5,400 miles of sewer pipeline, the utility serves 1.8 million customers.

The utility’s Fleet Services operation includes more than 1,700 vehicles and equipment assets to support the operations. Respective maintenance programs and repair work orders had been managed using a 20-year-old legacy system called Mobile Equipment Information System (MEIS). Unfortunately, MEIS had the potential for catastrophic failure due to the age of the server(s) and lack of upgrades. A failure of this magnitude may have compromised their Fleet regulatory compliance so an expedited replacement of MEIS was considered essential.

As such, a fast-track Phase 1 solution was initiated using Oracle’s Work and Asset Management (WAM) system version to replace MEIS. After a fit gap analysis was completed on nearly 400 Fleet requirements, it was determined that WAM could fulfill an estimated 70 percent of those requirements. The utility interviewed and selected Centric to assist in the implementation.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

When configured and utilized correctly, WAM can optimize a business’ operational performance as well as provide efficiencies not offered by other applications, which typically require customizations and subsequent support-related expenses. In addition to reducing overall costs, WAM can provide continuous intelligence to assist in strategic asset repair or replace decisions.

Working with the utilities IT group, Project Management , Quality Assurance and Head of Fleet Services, Centric engaged the the utility team throughout Phase 1 development and implementation. This work included (but was not limited to) the following:

  • Provided initial WAM training to the Core Team, facilitating proper configuration decision making
  • Supported software configuration and advisement on solution approaches to ensure needs of Fleet Services were met.
  • Contributed baseline WAM workflows/training materials targeting the specific modules used by Fleet  Services. Centric also proposed various training approaches proven successful with other WAM clients.
  • Led numerous classroom training sessions to end users and the business using tailored WAM training materials. This Train-the-Trainer approach eventually enabled the utility to construct their own sustainable WAM Fleet training and testing methodologies.


As a result of this effort, the client successfully went live with the Oracle WAM Fleet Module and is using this successful module deployment for the basis of a rollout of the Oracle WAM solution to their water/wastewater processing plants.