Health Care Manufacturing Product Launch

Centric develops the business processes for a new product launch

The Business Need

A major healthcare manufacturing organization had a long-standing reputation of finding new, life improving technologies. The company launched a new organization to spearhead the development, approval, and introduction of a new anesthetic technology. While launching a new product in a new company is always exciting, it also requires a lot of work. Processes, systems, and organizational structures all need to be created, implemented, and tested in advance of product launch.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

The client approached Centric to partner with them for this product launch by helping to develop the processes to support this new company, with special attention being paid to the customer experience. The new organization would also be created as a process-centered organization, which is an organizational structure that is new to the healthcare company. Given Centric’s long track record of successful process development and improvement projects, it was a perfect match. Centric helped the Business Performance Excellence team lead the organization through activities to develop robust, well-conceived processes while ensuring cohesiveness across the organization. This approach ensured that handoffs were understood and well planned without making them difficult.


While this effort is still underway, the organization has made significant progress. Approaching business from a process perspective is now the norm throughout the organization, and nearly every employee is familiar with the terms of process management, and many of them have engaged in map and metrics development. The mindset has changed from one of process mapping being a laborious chore to one of having process maps represent a key method of communication and understanding relationships between processes and functions.

Additionally, Centric has supported the organization through Conference Room Pilots, process development Deep Dives, and an Operational Readiness Assessment. These activities have resulted in bringing the organization together during development to ensure process linkages and role participation, as well as identifying key risks to a successful launch. Centric has plans to take the mature organization through implementation of a Business Process Management tool to further enable the new organization to automate workflow and provide real-time performance metrics that will report the well being of the developed processes.