Global Technical Support

Centric brings objective analysis directly to the front line of technical support to analyze and overcome scalability issues that threatened product growth.

The Business Need

Our client, a large financial institution, established a new revenue stream marketing their back-office platform to investment management firms. In a highly complex financial services product offering, their Subject Matter Experts were quickly overwhelmed with global support requirements that far exceeded their initial expectations.

After initial consultation with the client, it was apparent that they lacked the necessary support metrics or measurements required to segment and triage lower level incident support. Centric directly staffed the support function and developed the initial metrics in-flight. After 90 days, usable trends were identified and a solution roadmap was developed.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

Centric engaged with an on-site support resource to begin analyzing the support infrastructure:

  • Absorbed and trained on the client’s technology product, a loosely integrated suite of over 20 applications spanning mainframe, AS/400 and web environments.
  • Recorded support incident volumes and assessed incident complexity.
  • Created standard incident categorizations against skill centers and SLA commitments.
  • Documented and collected basic training materials for Level 1 support and incident triage teams.
  • Analyzed prior 6 months of incidents using newly established metrics.
  • Delivered customized staffing and support model that blended off-shore and near-shore resources to offset nearly 80% of support workload.

Centric then engaged with a single support resource to begin analyzing the support infrastructure:

  • Evaluated and qualified off-shore and near-shore vendors for skill and rate.
  • Designed and implemented a new incident tracking system that identified manageable support trends.
  • Led knowledge transfer effort with off-shore teams.
  • Established support hand-off procedures for 24×6 global coverage.
  • Eliminated SME participation in overnight support incidents while improving response to client incidents.
  • Identified recurring incidents and established remediation program.
  • Developed prototype client dashboards and automated SLA reports.


A measurable, scalable support program that right-sized the expense budget, extended hours around the clock, and introduced objective reporting.