Automating customer communication and integrating Marketo’s lead nurturing tools with Microsoft Dynamics accelerates the buyer’s journey and drives quicker sales.

The Business Need

Improve customer engagement by eliminating lag times in interactions.

Our client, the marketing team of a multinational computer software company, wanted to increase adoption of their cloud-based Office365 productivity suite among corporate enterprises and small-to-medium sized businesses. But when prospective customers accessed the company’s website to request a product trial or more information, they experienced a 24-48 hour lag in response. The time lapse was negatively influencing potential customer interaction and their decision to proceed. Additionally, backend gaps between the website, Marketo and Microsoft Dynamics – the company’s CRM tool – impacted the Sales team’s ability to accurately identify and engage the highest priority prospects in a timely manner.

Centric’s High Impact Approach

Custom solutions accelerate the buyer’s journey through Marketo’s lead nurturing process and Microsoft Dynamics’ CRM tools.

Centric’s Marketing Operations team was brought in to customize the client’s Marketo platform operations, develop automated solutions and manage backend marketing operations. Working in tandem with the client, Centric developed the architecture and configured and setup the platform to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics’ CRM tools. Campaign execution started with an immediate response tool: When customers clicked on a trial tab or requested information, they received an immediate welcome email, alerting them to next steps. Based on their actions, customers were either fast-tracked or put into Marketo’s lead-nurturing system. Working with a data scientist, Centric’s team customized the lead nurturing process by fine-tuning lead-scoring attributes based on BANT qualifiers (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing). The data was then aligned with governance rules in Microsoft Dynamics, relaying the highest-priority leads to the Sales team for immediate follow-up.


Faster response times lead to quicker sales.

  • Significantly reduced lag time when contacting the customer from two days to ten minutes.
  • Recognized the highest-priority prospects via lead scoring, routing those leads from Marketo to Microsoft Dynamics for Sales tele-team follow-up.
  • Improved accuracy of monitoring and reporting systems by successfully synchronizing data across Marketing, Sales and IT.

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