Cloud Education

Centric provides executive level education on the current industry landscape and how other companies are finding value in Cloud Solutions.

The Business Need

A mid-west university was looking for a trusted advisor to help them cut through the hype and educate them on ways Cloud Computing could impact their organization. The university has a very light IT staff, and a very seasonal business where most of their computing needs occur over a short period of time.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

Key objectives associated with this engagement included:

  • Develop an executive level understanding of cloud terminology and vendor offerings
  • Identify gaps in the current market offerings
  • Provide high level recommendations for cloud computing use, scoring and migration

Key activities performed over the course of this engagement included:

  • Conducted detailed research and analysis of existing cloud computing definitions
  • Defined the ‘cloud stack’ and developed understanding of the details of each layer including layer maturity and typical pricing options
  • Analysis of public vs. private cloud computing options and recommendations on best fit
  • Analysis of challenges and opportunities of implementing major cloud solutions
  • Development of a scorecard used to help determine applicability of cloud computing options to the institution
  • Presentation of sample migration strategies
  • Presentation of vendor landscape
  • Development of strategic next steps and final report


Recommendations were made to the university leadership regarding the various cloud computing options and landscape. The resulting report was fashioned into a strategy-style document including recommendations for immediate activities and next steps toward moving into the cloud computing space.