Fraud Management BPM Process Automation

The Business Need

A leader in credit card data security and fraud protection developed a new fraud indemnification service for its financial institution customers. This new service provides credit card fraud investigation and reimbursement services for the financial institutions while providing positive and responsive cardholder experience. The new service required a new, scalable process automation solution to accommodate fraud claim investigation and resolution.

Enter Centric

Centric’s IBM BPM solutions and process expertise, along with experience in the Financial Services vertical, make it well suited to develop an approach with the scalability required to accommodate potentially hundreds of new customers, and also is able to drive the standard processing of credit card fraud claims. Centric implemented a IBM BPM-based tool to automate the business process flow of fraud claim initiation, review, investigation, final disposition, client billing, and reporting.


The implemented IBM BPM system provides all process participants with visibility to claim status from initiation through resolution/payment. The system
provides an automated, standardized, scalable, end-to-end solution for our client. The program became a foundation for value creation at the client. Specifically:

  • The system included process audit capabilities as well as the capability to feed back-end reporting systems.
  • It provides an automatic assignment of tasks to each participant based on business rules, enabling workforce management.
  • The solution manages escalations and notifications for claims that exceed certain monetary thresholds as well as those that are in danger of exceeding SLA standards.
  • At month end, the system generates status reports and client billing and payment information.