Centric Chicago partnered with an automobile parts distributor to build a central data repository.

The Business Need

Our client, an automobile parts distributor, had existing reports providing transactional data, but they did not have the ability to review all of their information in one place.

This was impacting their ability to analyze their data and produce accurate, comprehensive reports to help them show partners the company’s value – a critical need to grow their business.

We understood what they were missing.

Enter Centric

Our Centric Chicago team partnered with the client to build a central data repository to extract data from their key operational data sources. Here’s how:

  • Transformed and loaded data into a central data warehouse.
  • Created an environment optimized to generate real-time and historical reports.
  • Enabled end users to create ad-hoc reports for specific business needs.
  • Created new reports that supported sales and revenue-based decisions.
  • Replicated existing client-facing and operational reports.
  • Integrated data from multiple, external data sources and spreadsheets into the data warehouse and data mart.

We applied Centric’s Agile BI methodology to deliver results in iterative phases, which allowed our client to see the value faster and more frequently than “big bang” business intelligence and data warehouse implementations.

The Results

In the end, we were able to deliver a centralized data warehouse providing our client insight into real-time and historical data while also producing the reports that help internal and external users make more informed decisions.

Thanks to their new reporting and analytical capabilities, our client has the ability to quickly respond to change and address critical business needs. The company has seen an increase in data integrity and accuracy thanks to our ability to identify and fix inaccuracies in the existing data definitions and reporting structure.

We delivered the project at a fraction of the cost and time it would normally take by applying Centric’s Reference BI Architecture. Our framework takes advantage of pattern-based approaches to modeling and development allowing quicker results.

Moving forward, our client is able to manage and expand the solution on their own due to our mentoring and knowledge transfer approach.

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