Strategic Information Management PMO

Centric helps large bank with program management while improving data management capabilities across the company.

The Business Need

Our client, a leading U.S. Bank was looking to achieve its business goals while meeting regulatory requirements (e.g. Dodd Frank, Basell II) and effectively managing risk.   There were many business/technical projects across several business lines that were initiated to achieve these goals.  A  Program Management Office (PMO) was initiated to monitor progress and ensure projects aligned with the overall business objectives.  Centric provided financial services experience with focus on program management, enterprise data warehousing and data governance.  In addition, Centric provided experience with regulatory compliance and risk management.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

The Strategic Information Program PMO allowed our Client to manage a complex array of business and technical projects and ensure that these projects align with the overall business objectives. Centric provided program management and PMO services to help achieve success.  Project activities included:

  • Helped institute a PMO to provide common tools and processes to manage projects.
  • Provided program management services to ensure alignment of the project portfolio to the objectives of the overall program.
  • Provided program oversight for the Enterprise Repository (Enterprise Data Warehouse) to ensure data requirements were being met in a timely manner.
  • Managed the development of an enterprise Data Governance framework. The framework included policies, tools, processes and governance to help ensure data quality within the organization.


The project provided critical information to senior executives for managing business performance while meeting all regulatory requirements and at the same time appropriately managing risk.