ERP Package Selection

Future business success enabled via the careful selection of packaged software.

The Business Need

Like many companies, a mid-sized publishing house found itself with software that no longer provided optimal or efficient support to business functions.  Over the years, the publishing company had implemented many modifications to the software, but ultimately reached a point where it made no sense to maintain the outdated platform.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

The company sought help from Centric to develop a comprehensive ERP solution to support all business processes such as order fulfillment, operational forecasting and warehouse management/distribution. In addition, Centric was engaged to provide leadership and guidance through a structured ERP analysis and vendor selection process.

The team from Centric worked closely with department heads throughout the organization to:

  • Conduct business process decomposition of the Customer Service, Operations, Marketing, Accounting and Warehouse Management business units to identify the fundamental requirements of an optimal ERP solution.
  • Create an RFI for vendor candidates, and assisted with the strategy and analysis for scoring and deriving an RFP short-list.
  • Create a detailed RFP and facilitate the process of distributing and scoring the RFP.
  • Select the RFP finalists to provide on-site demonstrations utilizing scripts based on the company’s business processes and requirements.


“With the work Centric did, we hit the ground running on the software implementation project. We referred to the requirements documentation all the time. It was clear Centric really understood our business.” – Project Manager