Banner CIS Data Conversion

Centric executes conversion of legacy CIS into Banner on time and under budget.

The Business Need

The client, a diversified Fortune 500 company, is the largest natural gas distributor in Kansas and Oklahoma and the third largest in Texas. Through its three distribution companies, the client serves more than 2 million customers in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas.

In 2004, the client implemented CIS Banner for their companies, replacing the legacy customer systems. In 2005, the client then initiated a project to replace the legacy CIS application of a further company with CIS Banner and required assistance with the data conversion activities.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

Based on the successful data conversion delivered by Centric for the initial implementation, the client once again selected Centric to provide data conversion services for a further subsidiary implementation. Centric performed the following activities:

  • Assessed legacy CIS data model against CIS Banner baseline data model
  • Identified conversion requirements for ancillary systems (e.g. meter inventory)
  • Determined purge / archive and data retention requirements
  • Assessed and defined conversion technical infrastructure and environment
  • Performed detailed conversion data mapping analysis and identified manual data conversion requirements
  • Documented conversion approach, technical design and strategy for controls throughout the conversion
  • Developed conversion processes based on data mapping specifications and tuned them to optimize critical path
  • Designed and developed financial and non-financial control reports and associated processes
  • Regression tested conversion processes at periodic intervals as data clean-up tasks were completed
  • Delivered converted data for all target applications on time and within established tolerances for financial and non-financial controls


The client legacy data conversion was delivered on time and under budget. All controls balanced to the penny and the conversion completed within the timeframe allocated for the data conversion processes.