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Leading through the Crisis: How to Give Feedback in Troubling Times

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Heather Bahorich

Heather Bahorich is Centric’s National Learning Manager. With eight years of experience, Heather has had previous roles in adult learning, instructional design, in-class facilitation, learning technology, career development, child education, and learning consultation. She is passionate about employee learning and aiding each person to become a lifelong learner. To learn more, email Heather or connect with her on Twitter.

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18 Tips for Living and Working During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Finding the Fun in Remote Work

As people and companies abandon the office, how can a business build and maintain a great virtual culture?

In “Office Optional: How to Build a Connected Culture With Virtual Teams,” Centric Consulting President and Cofounder Larry English provides a roadmap for venturing into the remote-work world.


Your guide to navigate what’s next.

Our digital-first vision, Business Anywhere, provides a blueprint for building more resilient organizations. When businesses are fully enabled digitally across all channels and mediums, customers, vendors and suppliers enjoy seamless, online interactions. Employees can work anywhere, anytime. And talent is wherever you can find it–as long as you have tools to tap it, the policies to channel it, and the culture to enable it.