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Virtual Healthcare Is the Future – If Organizations Can Clear These Hurdles

In this segment of “Office Optional with Larry English,”we share three hurdles the healthcare industry needs to overcome to go virtual and hybrid.

Insurance Carriers: Embracing Digital Innovation Due to Changing Customer Expectations

Insurance carriers have to adapt to continue to appeal to their current and new customers. We look at a few way industry can use digital innovation.

How the Pandemic Has Shaped the Life Insurance Industry in 2021

We look at how the life insurance industry has changed since the pandemic began, focusing on top trends, changing demographics and digital agendas.

How Healthcare and Technology Navigated Us Forward in 2020

The year 2020 ushered in a new period of science and technology. We discuss how technology and science intersected, and what that could mean for healthcare.

Navigate the Future of Energy & Utilities With 4 Trends

The pandemic, the evolution of technology, the aging workforce, and how people want to work today have all rocked the energy and utilities industry.

Navigate What’s Next in Insurance: Three Industry Trends for 2021

The insurance industry is changing, and it’s not all because of the pandemic. We take a look at three prominent trends of 2021.

Insurance: The Next Frontier in Customer Journey Mapping?

The insurance industry is ripe with opportunities to create better experiences through customer journey mapping, a proven method meeting customers’ needs.

Navigate What’s Next in Banking: Innovate the Back Office to Prepare for the Long-Term

To prepare the back-office for the long-term, banks will have to make internal workforce, process and technology changes to move from short-term to long-term.

[Podcast] Taking a Modern Analytics Approach to Property & Casualty Insurance

In this episode of our Biz and Tech Talks podcast, we talk about our ebook and how a Modern Analytics Approach can improve Property & Casualty insurance.

Harvesting Benefits from RPA: A Guide to Identifying RPA Use Cases in P&C Insurance

We take a look at a practical approach to identifying RPA and AI use cases for P&C insurance core processes.

Getting the Most from a Virtual Conference: Top Takeaways from Insurance AI and Innovative Tech Virtual

We share some of the pros and cons of the Insurance AI and Innovative Tech virtual conference and ideas for moving forward in this virtual world.

3 Tips for P&C Insurance Carriers to Improve Virtual Teams

Tips for Property and Casualty insurance carriers who want to improve their virtual teams right now and be well-positioned for the future.