Join Carmen Fontana’s journey through her first AI project with real-time commentary and updates in this blog series. 

“The thing I am most excited about right now professionally is also the one thing that is scaring the sh?! out of me. I am embarking on my first Artificial Intelligence project,” Carmen Fontana said.

A little over a year ago, Centric launched, for lack of better terminology, an innovation incubator. Any employee, no matter where they live on the food chain, could conceive and share product and process improvement ideas. Like-minded people would come together around those ideas and develop a Minimum Viable Product. Once the MVP was in hand, the team could Shark Tank the idea in front of leadership. If approved, the project would be funded, official project code and all.

Read about Carmen’s struggles and successes through her real-time case study. Her hope is by sharing her project’s small victories and painful bruises, you will be encouraged to tackle a project that scares the sh?! out of you too.

AI Case Study Real-Time - Centric Consulting

Bookmark this page to read Carmen’s AI blog series. We will publish regular installments every month and post them below:

  1. Join me in a Real-Time Case Study
  2. Rainbows, Kittens and Building the Team
  3. Building an MVP With Less Than Marvelous Data
  4. Close Enough for Out Here in the Country
  5. Your Raison D’être Requires De Rigueur, aka Machine Learning Needs Infrastructure
  6. Learning as You Go
  7. Distractions, and Squirrels