Windows Azure Assessment

Centric shows software company what the future of their business could look like running on Windows Azure.

The Business Need

A 30-person software company wanted to get out of the infrastructure business. Their desire was to focus all of their resources on developing features in their software that differentiated them from their competition. The key was getting away from provisioning servers, patching operating systems, and supporting backup processes. They use mostly Microsoft development technologies and wanted to get a sense for what their product might look like running on the Windows Azure platform.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

Centric began by leading a weeklong assessment where we captured a complete inventory of all as-is systems and support processes. We utilized this comprehensive list to build a future-state architecture of what the company’s products might look like running on Windows Azure. We also helped to produce a financial model of the estimated cost to compare to their current solution. The final deliverable was an analysis document that listed all of the pros and cons of the Windows Azure platform as it applied to the company’s needs. This analysis was later used to feed a larger assessment of Windows Azure versus other cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services.


The results were a great deal of education and information sharing so this company could make an informed decision. We worked with architects and programmers on the team to train them on the technology and to produce supporting Azure proof of concepts. We also worked with the company’s executive team to assist in their technology architecture decision making process.