System Development Life Cycle: Better, Faster, Cheaper

Our goal was “Better, Faster, Cheaper”.

The Business Need

Our Client, a leading U.S. Regional Bank has grown through acquisitions.  The Technology organization has been working with processes from days when they were a small community bank.  Our Client’s Audit team identified that Technology projects were not done consistently or with any repeatable or sustainable process methodology.   Additionally the business community was looking for Technology to drive and deliver Quality within all systems deployed within the Bank.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

Our Client partnered with Centric to develop a System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology to help them manage the tremendous growth in technology projects.  We also focused on the additional complexities of Enterprise wide deliverables while delivering technology and Quality services.   Our goal was “Better, Faster, Cheaper”.


  • Our solution allowed our Client to meet their delivery commitment to Audit and their business customers on time and exceed expectations We developed a Requirements Management Methodology (RMM) to focus on capturing requirements from all stakeholders in a thorough, repeatable and consistent process.
  • We lead the development of a Technology Management Methodology (TMM) to focus on designing and building Enterprise Technical solutions and introducing costs and bills of materials for those solutions.
  • We lead the development of a Quality Management Methodology (QMM) to focus on testing strategies and to ensure quality was tracked and traceable from the capture of requirements through designing, building, testing and transitioning to production.
  • We integrated the three processes, deliverables and timings to deliver a comprehensive SDLC methodology.
  • We lead the training for the use of the process, use of templates and deliverables to the technology users
  • We developed the communication plan and executed it across the Client’s organization