Jive Software Social Intranet Implementation

Centric helped lead a successful global implementation, develop effective adoption strategies and deliver comprehensive metrics.

The Business Need

A leading market research firm needed a replacement for their multiple global intranets and existing content management solutions. With the rapid growth of social software and plethora of choices, the firm needed a partner to help them find the right solution and effectively implement the chosen platform.

The process for choosing the right solution and driving the software launch would have to be a careful process. With a presence in more than 60 countries, employee adoption would be challenging. At the same time, the value of a software platform diminishes significantly when adoption is lacking. Although the client was a global firm with a strong culture of collaboration, each region had its own personality and had unique change management challenges.

The firm needed a partner who understood large global technology implementations and the corresponding organizational change that comes along with it. As result, Centric was chosen to review potential software options, find the best solution, create adoption strategies and lead implementation.

The firm asked Centric to provide the following services:

  • Document the business requirements in order to confirm the solution met business needs
  • Create a detailed vendor request for proposal (RFP) for a collaboration platform
  • Consolidate responses, balance against criteria, and recommend a solution
  • Run a four-month pilot program to validate business requirements and technical feature set
  • Create and deliver global change management and adoption strategies
  • Lead the production technical implementation and coordination of business, IT and the chosen social platform

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

The client dealt early on with the lack of formal requirements, breadth of vendors’ capabilities and a fast-moving business team. To support their efforts, Centric led the business requirements, wrote the vendor RFP, drove the vendor evaluation and executed the vendor pilot program to successful conclusion.

As a result of this effort, Jive Software was chosen and engaged for production deployment.

From initial software review to global implementation, Centric led the following efforts:

  • Created a detailed business requirements document which was the foundation for all of the following phases
  • Performed analysis on known vendors in the social business space to help our client get to a short list for the pilot program
  • Investigated and resolved technical integration points between Jive and the client’s IT organization – many of which were new to Centric and the client
  • Delivered a strong communication and change management program for global deployment, enabling the program to be highly successful
  • Addressed the gap between Jive’s analytics offering and the client’s business needs. We utilized Jive’s data warehouse to explore user activity which allowed our client to understand key adoption metrics and gain insight on how to address weaknesses
  • Initiated global community manager meetings to drive ongoing associate engagement and to determine where tweaks to the program were needed
  • Actively participated in the Jive Community where we engaged other Jive clients to understand where their programs succeeded and fell short; incorporated these lessons into the client’s overall program

The Results

Centric provided the award-winning project with a more disciplined process for evaluating the vendors and running the global implementation with a structured approach. According to our client, 86 percent of employees used Jive within five months of its rollout.