Corporate Agile Transformation

Centric tailors its Agile for the Enterprise approach to roll out a predictable IT development approach.

The Business Need

The client is a 100% employee-owned, full-service complex commercial construction company with offices and projects in multiple states.  Organizing, prioritizing and inspecting all of their building projects has become second nature over the course of the last 75 years.  This level of maturity, however, has not organically grown within their IT department.  Their business units didn’t have visibility into the constraints, complexity or dependencies their technical teams faced in trying to manage multiple initiatives across the entire enterprise.  The client needed a way to organize their workload, prioritize it, inspect it (in a meaningful manner) and communicate status transparently.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

The client partnered with Centric to tailor our Agile for the Enterprise approach to address their organizational and communication issues.  We started by working with the client stakeholders to understand not only their operational model but also to understand what resonated with their business.  Once we had a better understanding of how the enterprise functioned we walked through some core Agile concepts and how they are specifically designed to address some of the client’s pain points.  Specific approaches like use cases, tasking, iterations and velocity were quickly identified as must haves in their new IT approach.  Daily stand-ups, commitment meetings and retrospectives would be utilized to address communication concerns and continued improvement.

Next the team built out a high level framework of where these core concepts would be leveraged and how they would be tailored to work within the clientÕs environment. With a vision in place, we pulled in a select group of individuals and began piloting the new framework on a number of in-flight projects. Centric dropped back into a coaching role, allowing the teams to function independently. Centric setup bi-weekly spot checks to ensure that the core concepts we’re being realized and provide recommendations where they were not delivering optimal efficiency.

With the work organized, a cadence defined and a predictable means of inspecting output, Centric concluded the project by working with the client to document their new Agile approach, establish tools and roll out the process internally.


The client has an internal objective of positioning itself as a world class IT organization by 2014 with Agile playing a major role in achieving their goal.  More importantly, their CIO has expressed an interest in leveraging the core concepts that have been introduced in this initial Centric engagement to derive further value in other parts of the organization.