Agile Custom Development Team Builds and Monitors Scaleable Cloud-Based Marketing Platform

New marketing platform allows the company to personally engage with millions of software users through multi-channel marketing campaigns, driving an estimated $1 billion in business value.

The Business Need

A Seattle-based software company has a subscriber-based business model that requires engagement with its user base in a personalized, one-on-one, relevant manner. The company’s marketing leadership team sought to build an engagement-focused marketing platform that would enable full lifecycle marketing through true cross-channel communications.

Stakeholders desired to segment customers to create highly targeted marketing campaigns with touch points via email, websites, call center support, and desktop and mobile software clients. The marketing platform needed the ability to scale quickly in order to support millions of software users.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

The software company partnered with Centric to build and monitor a highly scalable, cloud-based marketing platform using a team of Agile and .NET software development experts.

Centric worked with the company’s marketing team to navigate the complex and inter-connected world of the company’s software to onboard data from disparate data sources, integrate with purchase and billing systems to extend and redeem offers and customer discounts, and deliver services to support worldwide users.

The teams continue to work together to drive the roadmap and strategy to better plan for and execute on high-value, multi-channel campaigns.


Marketers are able to reach and personally engage with their millions of software users in an all-in-one marketing platform that encompasses multi-channel marketing campaigns worth an estimated $1 billion in business value.

The company’s marketing team can now leverage data and technologies to create more relevant and targeted campaigns.

  • Technology and marketing platform SMEs provide detailed knowledge of the inner workings of the complex business environment, including purchasing systems.
  • Agile methodologies allow for very fast Build-Test-Learn cycles to enable custom functionality to be built, delivered, utilized and measured in short iterations.
  • The company can create more relevant campaigns and end-user experiences by decreasing data latency and reacting faster to changes in user behavior.