Centric Boston Assists Harvard University Press In Taking the Ancient Classics into the Digital Age

Centric Boston joined forces with Harvard University Press (HUP) and the Loeb Classical Library Board of Trustees in an innovative project – taking all of the classical works of the 103-year-old Loeb Classical Library (LCL) and making them available on a digital platform, allowing anyone with an internet connection to search, browse, share, bookmark, and annotate more than 520 volumes of Latin, Greek, and English texts.


Founded in 1911 by James Loeb as a facing-page translation series intended to make the work of classical authors accessible in high-quality editions to as many readers as possible, the LCL has long been an invaluable resource to scholars, students, and, in Loeb’s words, all those interested in “the beauty and learning, the philosophy and wit of the great writers of ancient Greece and Rome.”

The digital Loeb Classical Library now extends its founding mission with an accessible, fully searchable, perpetually growing virtual library of all that is important in Greek and Latin literature. When visiting loebclassics.com, readers will see the complete texts just as they appear in print, including all footnotes, tables, maps, and indexes.

The conversion of the Loeb to digital, a joint effort between the LCL trustees and HUP, was a complex, multi-year undertaking. The Press brought Centric Boston on board to help with the intricacies of coordinating this cross-organizational project, one of the first digital conversion projects for HUP. Every department at HUP played a role in this initiative, as did a third party content conversion organization, and web and font development companies. Centric guided the operation of the project, managing the various departments and organizations to keep the project on track.

“Centric is proud to be a part of this exciting and innovative project. The conversion of the Loeb Classical Library to digital not only enables many more readers to experience these ancient classics, but it also allows readers to connect to them in new ways,” said Errol Yudelman, senior manager with Centric Consulting.

With the help of Centric’s program management expertise, the LCL Trustees and HUP succeeded in their goal of developing an interconnected digital library of the almost 300,000 pages of Latin and Greek texts. HUP now has a more structured process for making digital project decisions and has expanded the approach to complex print projects.

Yudelman expressed his excitement over the results of the project. “After working with HUP to successfully complete such a complex endeavor, I’m looking forward to seeing their next digital innovation.”

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About Harvard University Press

Since HUP opened its doors more than 100 years ago, it has published over 12,000 titles across a range of subjects including classical studies, philosophy, the sciences, and literature studies. HUP’s publication program, which includes important new digital projects and platforms, is driven by the belief that books from academic publishers are more essential than ever before for understanding critical issues facing the world today.

About The Loeb Classical Library®

James Loeb founded the Loeb Classical Library® in 1911 to make the work of classical authors accessible to as many readers as possible—regardless of their knowledge of Greek or Latin—so they could benefit from the wisdom of the ancients. The Loeb Classical Library® is the only existing series of books that, through original Greek and Latin text with English translation, gives access to important ancient literature in convenient and well-printed pocket volumes and now also in the virtual digital Loeb Classical Library (loebclassics.com).

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