Xamarin Mobile Application Developed for Emergency Medical Transportation

Better, Faster Response For Medical Evacuation Flights

Xamarin mobile application

The Business Need

The #1 question of anyone dealing with emergency air transports is “Where is my helicopter?”. Conveying information about aircraft status, location, and ETA is critical in communications between emergency responders, medical transport service providers and hospital staff. Improving communications and response time is vital to saving lives and ensuring emergency first responders are in the right place – at the right time.

Enter Centric

Air Medical Holdings Group (AMGH) partnered with Centric to design, build and deploy a next generation digital platform that facilitates communications and data sharing between EMT personnel, medical transport communication centers and hospitals. The FirstCall platform enables EMT first responders to request, fulfill and monitor helicopter and fixed wing aircraft so all authorized personnel are informed of impending patient arrival.

Centric Delivers: Xamarin Mobile Application

The Xamarin mobile application was designed for EMT first responders to request emergency medical transport aircraft at the push of a button. New EMT users can easily register for service, select multiple transport programs as well as hospital and agency affiliations.

Additional benefits:

  • Monitor and track all transport activity occurring at all medical transport affiliations. Access levels enable users to see activity requested by their peers as well as their own
  • Intuitive, easy-to-understand information is provided to Communication Center specialists via the mobile application, which reduces dispatch time for transport requests
  • Scalable, enterprise-grade mobile solution which is designed for use by multiple subsidiary programs and companies
  • Intuitive, easy-to-understand user experience requires little or no training. Users can quickly and easily modify preferred transport programs as well as add / delete hospital and agency affiliations
  • Cross-platform Xamarin software framework allows sharing of source code across other platforms including Android and Windows Phone
  • Integrated analytics through the use of Xamarin Insights for real-time usage reporting