Centric Consulting delivered a mobile web solution that leverages core functionality from a legacy system in tandem with an integrated suite of desktop and mobile solutions.

The Business Need

Our client was an electricity provider that utilized a large field organization, servicing more than 500,000 customers across 6,000 square miles. The existing legacy application was expensive to support and did not provide real-time information on job orders or dispatch instructions. They needed something that worked regardless of network connection, improved access to real-time order information in the field and was compatible with a wide variety of tablet devices.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

Our client partnered with us to develop an innovative mobile order management platform that leveraged core functionality from their legacy mainframe system as well as provided better and faster exchange of information between the field organization and company call centers using an integrated suite of desktop and mobile solutions.

Centric Delivers

Our digital and technology consulting practices provided deep experience in cross-platform HTML5 web development and system integration services. Additionally, our extensive Utilities industry expertise was crucial in assimilating business workflows and application logic coded into our client’s legacy IT systems. Client priorities were rapidly translated into clickable prototypes and refined through user experience design and technical integrations to SQL-Server and IBM mainframe environments in days and weeks rather than months.

Additional benefits we accomplished with the client:

  • We enabled near real-time order access from any location and eliminated excess work for call center teams to coordinate job dispatch changes.
  • We transformed route optimization to near real-time as new orders were received. Dispatchers and field technicians could optimize routing and dispatch as new orders were received.
  • Turn-by-turn directions and GPS navigation for each order and electrical meter location saved time and reduced mileage costs.
  • Duplicate trips to job sites were eliminated with better access to meter and order details.
  • Mobile messaging alert notifications were used for time-sensitive events such as bill payment and dangerous weather events.
  • Empowered call center dispatchers with online maps of job locations and field technician locations so new orders could be assigned to the closest available field technician.