Mobile Solutions That Use a Contextual, Real-Time Approach

Centric designs flexible mobile solutions that enable businesses to stay in touch with an increasingly virtual workforce

The Business Need

Organizations are looking for ways to use mobile apps to help employees feel more connected to their company. As the concept of “going to work” has moved from a physical office location to an increasingly virtual and mobile workforce, we need a better way to share information with employees in a way that is flexible and transparent without clogging their email. A higher number of younger workers and the proliferation of technology at work mean that increasing employee engagement is bigger than the annual employee satisfaction survey.

How Can Centric Help?

Centric Consulting Digital funded a project designed to coach and mentor new employees, while building a product for our employees that could be customized to deliver company news and announcements, as well as more meaningful information that was personalized for each employee.

Centric Delivers

Connect was designed to enable employees to stay connected to their organization, share information important to them, connect with peers and stay informed of company events with the tap of a finger.

Key benefits include:

  • Employee dashboard with personalized news, messages and information that is personalized for an employee’s division, business unit or department.
  • Announcements, company news and leadership insights that keep employees informed.
  • Birthday and Anniversary reminders for co-workers and colleagues.
  • Location awareness for notifying employees when co-workers are nearby.
  • New hire employee announcements with contact information for introductions.
  • Messaging and chat features enable employees to contact one another via text or SMS.
  • Secure access to Company directory and employee contact information: phone, .email, photo

Connect can also be integrated with Payroll, CRM or other IT systems such as PeopleSoft, or other 3rd party data services. Pricing for client-specific features or functionality is available upon request.