Mobile App Drives Rapid Growth for Medical Transportation Firm

Centric delivers a HIPAA-compliant mobile app calling back-office web services to core operation systems for increased efficiency and decreasing costs.

The Business Need

While winning state and municipality Medicaid contracts to supply para-transit services, requirements to accurately track GPS and time of pick-up and drop-offs as well signatures became essential to increase business rewarded while decreasing the cost to adjudicate disputes. Our client had an existing read-only mobile application, but needed a way to add updates within 30 days.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

Centric was able to bring mobile expertise along with deep experience managing Agile projects. This allowed a weekly iteration cycle to deliver functionality frequently to receive feedback and reduce the risk of mobility inside the larger program.

Centric Delivers

In a matter of weeks, Centric delivered a native Android application calling back-office web services to core operation systems, allowing 3rd party transportation drivers to register pickups and drop-offs with timestamp and GPS location, as well as capture the signature of both driver and patient in this HIPAA-compliant mobile application. The application processes over 25,000 individual trips a month.