RPA Insurance Client Story

Increasing Associate Effectiveness Using an RPA Implementation Program

Annual FTE Hours Saved
Lines of Business Impacted
Use Cases Processed
Participating Associates

Enter Centric: Multiple RPA Bot Productions to Solve Increased Efficiency Needs

Since 2018, Centric has developed and deployed nearly 20 unique bots ranging from:

  • Mainframe data integration
  • Customer document generation
  • Data entry for policy updates and claims processing
  • Legacy data migration
  • OCR document processing, and more

In one example, our client’s Commercial Lines department had an initiative to review all policies of a certain product type before renewal to get the appropriate premium rate. An internal resource, pulled away from her regular duties, manually handled this process. Due to the volume of policies and the short turn-around between renewal generation and issuance, she unintentionally skipped many policies issued these without review.

Centric provided an RPA solution that automatically reviewed and updated these policies to make sure they were within the rate guidelines. Once the bot started running, the only human intervention was a final review to sign off on the premium.

Together we chose this solution for two reasons: to free the dedicated resource to resume her old duties and to increase revenue by receiving the right premium on policies. Our client found great value in the combination of our industry experience, expertise in RPA and UiPath, as well as the effective cost point of our Right Site team. Centric brought the power of our Right Site Engagement Model by providing a blend of off-site and offshore resources based on client needs.

The project’s goals were to:

  • Reduce labor spending on manual, low-value processes
  • Limit the number of manual processes, as well as the amount of time spent on those manual, repetitive tasks
  • Combat resource attrition and allow operational speed and growth without resource growth (or re-hiring)
  • Help maintain operational capacity and bridge the gap through core system transitions
  • Establish an innovative capability as part of Continuous Improvement efforts in all lines of business
  • Create a culture of excitement – not fear – around RPA and process automation

The Results: A More Efficient and Profitable Carrier

Before RPA, the company struggled with addressing pain points within the legacy system. These requests were either rejected, forcing users to create manual workarounds or allocate additional resources to complete or took one or two years to implement, causing continued pain in the interim.

Creating a self-funding RPA implementation program tailored to their specific business needs greatly improved many of these areas within the company. To date, they’ve saved thousands of man-hours and are looking to triple their current savings in a short time.

 So far, the client sees improvements in:

  • Decreased the time to complete tasks, especially in customer-facing processes
  • Freed resources to spend more of their time on customer interaction and value-add tasks
  • Increase data accuracy – particularly in the Mainframe – to reduce generated errors and rework by support teams
  • Over 10,000 annual FTE hours saved or reallocated in less than one year
  • Six different lines of business impacted (Commercial Lines, Personal Lines, Claims, Customer Care, IT, Core Systems Transformation Program)
  • 90+ use cases processed through intake
  • 125+ associates participated in training labs and lunch and learns

RPA changed the way this company thinks about process improvement moving forward. By adopting solutions to automate time-consuming tasks, they met their objective of increased profitability and operational efficiency while freeing up valuable resources along the way. Based on the current run rate for development and the estimated hours saved by bots in production, the RPA implementation program is self-funded and will only continue to increase its value over time.

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