E-commerce Strategy and Deployment

Centric moves a traditional brick and mortar business into the world of e-commerce.

The Business Need

For several years, a specialty footwear and accessories retailer has enjoyed impressive double-digit growth, but so far has only sold their products through traditional stores in shopping centers across the country. Many competitors sell products via e-commerce websites, but at the time the client only used its website to provide basic information on store locations, selected product offerings and account maintenance for customers who join the frequent shopper loyalty program.

The company’s vision was to to create a direct channel for e-commerce to fully utilize the power of the Internet, boost sales and enhance customer service.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

Centric provided strategic resources to assist in the development of the e-commerce program including Process Analysts on the Business Process team, a Program Manager and Project Coordinator in the Program Management Office (PMO) and a Teradata Architect on the Data team.

To achieve program objectives, the solution integrated several key technologies and applications including:

  • Sterling Commerce Order Management System (OMS) software
  • Commerce Assist (CA) eCommerce software from ATG
  • Genesys CTI and Routing and integrated Workforce Management System (WMS)

In addition, Centric also supported e-commerce development with the following:

  • Selecting a vendor for a hosted technology environment
  • Selecting a vendor for an outsourced direct channel fulfillment center
  • Planning, organizing and opening a Contact Center to staff approximately 50 Customer Relationship Representatives, utilizing Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Various ancillary security applications, such as fraud detection and credit card verification tools

A major challenge for the PMO involved managing a team of more than 25 people representing numerous outside vendors whose technologies and resources were critical to the program’s success. In addition, the PMO developed documentation for all business processes, as well as training materials.


The e-commerce deployment was a success. The company anticipates a number of benefits from this new resource including:

  • Exceptional customer service that compels customers to promote the retailer to their friends and family
  • Significant growth in the customer loyalty program
  • A culture dedicated to continuous improvement with efficient processes and rigorous expense management
  • An ability to analyze actionable customer data (VOC, surveys, etc.) that can feed strategies to maximize revenue opportunities or enhance the customer experiences.

First year revenue is expected to exceed $100 million.