IBM BPM Merchant Boarding Solution

The Business Need

A leader in credit card processing services came to Centric with a need to better manage its business process of onboarding new merchants for credit card processing. Typical onboarding activities took 15-20 days, which caused merchants to abort midway through losing the client business and causing overhead on staffing. Our client’s primary objectives included increased speed and throughput of new merchant boarding, less manual intervention and process “hand-offs,” and a tool to increase team member efficiency.

Enter Centric

Centric implemented an IBM BPM system to manage the new merchant on-boarding process from custom contracts and equipment customization and deployment through installation and activation. The improved process improved overall efficiency and increased activation rates leading to improved business performance.


The new IBM BPM system replaces several disparate, manually-intensive processes while ensuring that new merchant customers are configured and ready to process credit card transactions as quickly as possible. The program became a foundation for value creation at the client. Specifically:

  • The IBM BPM system provides integration with front-end sales, contract and client information systems to query merchant information required throughout the process
  • Replaced manual processes with more efficient, coordinated automatic solution
  • Increased merchant activation rates by 45%
  • Reducing boarding timeframe by 33%
  • Reduced costs per install by 13% year over year
  • Achieved a productivity gain of 25-30% – Staffing save