An Antidote to Talent Attrition:

Microsoft Viva's Employee Experience Platform 

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Call it "the Great Resignation" or place the blame on "quiet quitting" - employee attrition and disengagement present significant challenges to improving a company's culture and profitability.

Modernizing the employee experience is the solution to attracting and retaining highly engaged talent.  

But if your organization is already using Microsoft 365, Teams and other employee experience tools, you may wonder whether adding to your current stack is the best approach. Microsoft Viva works differently. Rather than another disconnected tool or a ‘rip and replace’ implementation, MS Viva integrates your systems to reduce management and navigation to a single platform, offering a true one-stop-shop for the employee experience.  

During this webinar, Modern Workplace co-lead and collaboration expert Michael McNett demonstrates how MS Viva brings your employee engagement, onboarding, performance, growth and development applications together in a single platform.

• Perspectives on what businesses and employees want from a modern employee experience  

• A comprehensive overview of how MS Viva enables an engaged, securely connected workplace  

• Demonstrated ways that MS Viva can bring added business value to your company  

• Key requirements you need to know about before implementing MS Viva  

• Hands- on demonstrations of MS Viva applications including Connections, Topics, Learning and Goals  

• Licensing and pricing details to help simplify platform management planning and minimize spend


During this webinar, our Microsoft expert facilitates an in-depth exploration of MS Viva, sharing:

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Michael McNett

Modern Workplace Practice Lead

Michael McNett co-leads our Modern Workplace practice, leveraging his over 30 years of experience in team development and business process automation to help clients build, deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams and all things teamwork related. His deep understanding of Office 365 capabilities ensures organizations' collaboration tools and business goals are aligned.

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