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Leverage Office 365 and SharePoint to work better together.

We have been working with SharePoint since its earliest version appeared in 1999. And we have implemented solutions using just about every version since then (WSS, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 Office 365).

Because of this we have come to appreciate where the tool fits in the enterprise.

Over the last ten years, we’ve also developed specific expertise within the healthcare, insurance and manufacturing industry verticals, working to improve employee engagement, productivity and collaboration.  

With the increasing adoption of Office 365, we’re also helping clients work through how best to leverage the myriad of tools within the platform. SharePoint is now just a part of the whole suite of capabilities available for organizations to build solutions.

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Our Expertise

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Teams and SharePoint Services

As a Microsoft partner, Centric Consulting has achieved Gold competency status in Collaboration and Content and more. And our team includes senior level architects and analysts who have achieved Microsoft’s highest levels of certification for SharePoint architecture, design, implementation, development, and adoption.

We offer a range of Teams and SharePoint services to help you get the most out of your investment.

Jump-Start Approach

We’ve found that many of our clients are interested in getting SharePoint online and O365 off the ground quickly, proving its value to the organization in days and weeks instead of months. To help them with this, we’ve developed a “jump-start” approach which does the following:

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Discover what is possible with the tools.

We show our clients how Office 365 is used in other organizations, and showcase the most common business solutions the tool works for – increasingly PowerApps, workflow and document collaboration rise to the top.

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Get alignment with your teams.

We ask a bunch of open ended questions about collaboration, communication, information sharing and document collaboration. We want to get to how your teams work and collaborate. With this information, we then develop common use cases and apply a heat map to help drive towards which needs are important. Finding experts, finding the right information and then being able to share with a team are important.

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Build a roadmap and a small number of proof-of-concept solutions.

We outline what foundational work is needed first and then define the  order a series of solutions should be implemented.


Information Architecture and Taxonomy and Search

It is important to get information architecture, content definition, taxonomy and search configuration correct. We arrive at a content taxonomy quickly, while identifying relationship across your content. Next we’ll begin working with your teams on modeling – adding new content, searching for it, refining results.

We understand search, and just as importantly we have found what tools work in the Office 365 and SharePoint space. We make search work so organizations not only find value in it but also learn to rely on it to find the information they need.

Human and Process Workflow

SharePoint has steadily improved workflow capabilities with SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016. We have a short and simple assessment developed to help clients understand if their workflow needs can be configured out of the box (using PowerApps and forms) or extended through a third-party tool (like Nintex or K2).


Managed Services

Many organizations invest in a SharePoint solution only to have it lose adoption due to lackluster system performance and slow response to update the system to meet changing business needs and keep pace with on-going innovation.

We help our clients define, build and support the right team necessary, as well as provide health monitoring for SharePoint and its critical services.

Systems Integration

One of SharePoint’s strengths is that it can integrate information for end users’ needs and decision making processes. We work to highlight how much can be accomplished with out-of-the-box integrations as well as simple development ideas to improve integration capabilities in SharePoint. We know that SharePoint becomes a significantly more useful solution when coupled with other enterprise products and solutions such as Business Process Management (BPM), document management, report portals for Business Intelligence (BI) and social collaboration.

Governance and Planning

It’s a bold statement, but any SharePoint implementation without governance will likely fail. We’re pragmatic and leverage Microsoft’s tremendous resources to define an approach to governance that best fits your business needs.



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