Enterprise Solutions

We combine strategic insights with highly skilled, hands-on Oracle resources.

Service Overview

Centric specializes in Oracle applications and technologies. We have a dedicated business unit focused on Oracle, covering both business and technology aspects of a solution.

  1. Advisory
  2. Implementation / Upgrades
  3. Managed Services

Centric's Oracle Services and Standard System Lifecycle - Image


1. Advisory Services

Centric provides strategic insights with highly skilled, hands-on resources.
Our Advisory Services covers areas such as:

  • PMO Reviews / Support – Implementation Planning, Health Checks, Business Readiness Reviews, etc.
  • Infrastructure Assessments – Infrastructure Strategy, Infrastructure Operations, High Availability, Disaster Recovery, etc.

During each project we leverage our resources to chart a clear, strategic path for the future. The same resources that develop the strategy also implement the solution.

2. Implementation / Upgrade Services

Successful deployment of an ERP solution, combined with business process improvement, is critical in today’s business environment. At Centric, we not only deliver recommendations for what needs to be done, but also outline how these tasks need to be accomplished. Our transparent approach helps clients better plan and manage solutions. It’s not “what” we do, it’s “how” we do it.

Whether it is a first-time implementation, application or database upgrade, Centric can help. Our team has successfully implemented Oracle-based solutions on more than 100 projects. Our clients consistently compliment us on our ability to adapt our approach and style to their culture, working directly with their team in a collaborative partnership. We bring IT and business professionals together to jointly define processes, resolve issues and achieve success.

3. Managed Services

We pride ourselves on our ability to support businesses long term. Our “secret sauce” is not only the local and seasoned resources we provide, but also how well we integrate and work with all teams.

Our Managed Services capability allows clients to focus on their core capabilities. We can provide part-time (as needed) support or full-time help to run major segments of an IT Group. We partner with our clients to provide the right balance of production support and value-driven project work that only specialized Oracle resources can provide.


Service Capabilities

Oracle IT Strategy

When thinking about an Oracle solution, senior management must be prepared to make key decisions that drive the program:

  • Is a large scale ERP or Best of Breed solution needed?
  • How can the company scale a solution to fit today’s business needs and also prepare for future growth?
  • What is the long-term impact of each solution?
  • How the will the software licensing change from product to product?
  • What is the true TCO for any given solution?
  • Why today, what is the compelling reason?

Acting as a trusted advisor, we can help devise and execute Oracle strategy. Centric can create the business case for choosing a technical solution and creating an implementation strategy. We can point out where shortcuts, such as fast-path methodologies and industry templates, are available. In addition, we can help phase implementation to enjoy benefits at a faster pace.

Infrastructure Assessment

Many organizations under-utilize their existing infrastructures. As such, the challenge becomes optimizing current environments while integrating newer technologies to best meet business goals.

We encompass a broad suite of fully customizable services to address all aspects of Oracle Infrastructures. Services include:

  • Infrastructure Strategy
  • Performance Management
  • Patch Management and Release Strategy
  • Standard System Management Processes
  • Backup and Restore Process
  • Migration Implementation
  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery

We are hands-on professionals and our clients value our opinion on topics such as Exadata, RAC and Data Guard.

Implementation Services

Approaches vary based on three key factors:

  1. What are the business objectives?
  2. How long will the business wait to see results?
  3. What are the existing financial assumptions for implementation and production support?

Our point of view is that Oracle ERP implementations fall into three approaches: Accelerated, Traditional and Transformational.

  • Accelerated: We utilize templates and standard Oracle tools and accelerators to rapidly implement solutions. This approach is well suited for rapidly growing companies and companies with limited time and resources.
  • Traditional: Traditional implementations are designed to happen quickly and typically align with the company’s investment plan. This solution allows a company to adopt standard Oracle functionality where possible, but also tailor elements of the solution to integrate with other systems or add required industry-specific extensions.
  • Transformational: A transformational project includes more significant process re-engineering with a set of specific company goals in mind. Thorough analysis is the key to a comprehensive implementation and a detailed Future State Design is one of the most important deliverables. In order to comprehensively test and validate the new design, active participation by business users is critical to the deployment and adoption of the new solution.


Application and Database upgrades are an integral part of any ERP investment. Several options exist to implement Application upgrades; each approach has its own set of benefits. Our approach offers many choices that align with unique Oracle Applications strategies.

  • Technical Upgrade: Install new software, take advantage of longer-term and cost-effective vendor support, de-customize where possible, achieve performance benefits and implement new tools and lower-cost technologies.
  • Improve Existing Functionality: Review current business processes, assess pain points and implement better approaches to business process and integration.
  • Extend Application Footprint: Examine business imperatives, review manual processes, evaluate the need for better management information and make decisions on new features or modules to implement.

Oracle Applications Support

As a certified Oracle partner, Centric has the expertise and proven track record to support Oracle Applications, allowing companies to reduce support costs and take full advantage of product features and capabilities.

Centric’s Oracle application outsourcing approach can effectively reduce costs while industrializing capabilities for the long haul. Our flexible approach to Oracle Applications Support services can support one or more of the following needs:

  • Production Support
  • Product Support
  • Ad Hoc Changes
  • Business User Training
  • Oracle Help Desk
  • Staff Mentoring

Oracle Supplemental Staffing

Ensuring internal teams are current on Oracle technologies is a costly business proposition. To ease the burden, Centric can provide experienced and skilled resources that can supplement all Oracle initiatives.

We can provide key senior resources to keep projects on task, educate staff on current products and backfill production support teams. Our Oracle professionals average more than 15 years of Oracle experience and continually train on new products.

Onsite or offsite, Centric’s staffing model can help you overcome your short and long-term resource needs.

Managed Database Administration Services

In today’s highly automated world, database management is still largely manual and highly specialized. Centric’s Managed Database Administration services (DBA) are a simple and cost effective solution. Centric allows companies to pay for DBA support only when needed, while benefiting from process innovations and economies of scale. Our technical talent and management process gets mission-critical applications performing smoothly while insulating companies from the impact of vacation, illness and turnover.

Our services include:

  • Database management
  • Database monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Issue diagnosis
  • Application monitoring
  • Application administration

Onsite, offsite or offshore, our DBA services provide companies with strategic alternatives for maintaining and improving technical production environments.