Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Consulting

Demystify Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning and AI.


Technological advances have brought artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning and reinforcement learning to the forefront of business development and improvement with data-driven insights.

  • AI/ML maturity can impact its adoption and the potential benefits an organization can realize
  • Most companies are not where they think they are in terms of AI/ML maturity and the capabilities to show and realize benefits associated with AI/ML investments
  • We provide AI/ML Maturity Assessments and ROI models to help you both understand where you are and to help you get the most value out of AI/ML investment.

Drive ROI by Increasing Your Artificial Intelligence Maturity

The appropriate use of AI can help companies derive greater ROI from ever-increasing lakes of data. At Centric, our machine learning consultants take pride in helping clients solve key business and functional challenges. We create value by leveraging an organization’s data assets and analytic tools, and implementing appropriate machine learning platforms.

The entire process of value creation is supported by various machine learning offerings to match each client’s current and target AI maturity needs.

Plunge into the world of Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning (AI/ML) to generate value.

Reduce human error and lower costs while improving efficiencies and quality of outcomes 

Usher the era of digital transformation by streamlining and automating business functions 

Increase service quality, improve service delivery, and predict outcomes.


Machine Learning Made Easy(ish)

Struggling to sell machine learning to your organization? In this on-demand webinar, our data and analytics experts explain how to simplify your approach to machine learning so you can earn the buy-in and funding you need to create the advanced capabilities you desire.


AI/ML To Support Business Functions Across Industries

Our carefully crafted, value-based machine learning approach is designed to support key business functions and outcomes across various industries.

We use a use-case based methodology that minimizes delivery risk and develops long-term strategic relations with our clients.

The goal is to minimize efforts associated with attaining desired maturity, bypassing organic growth curves, and delivering business value drops in weeks, rather than months and years.

Our Approach Breaks Down Barriers to Entry

Our portfolio of AI/ML services can mitigate typical challenges faced by small and medium-sized companies by:

AI/ML Talent

Enhancing Your Current BI Investment

Assisting with Management Buy-In

Developing Business Use-Cases and ROI Models

Environment Setup and Configuration

Education and Adoption

Operations and Support

Client Story:

Showcasing the Potential of Data with Proofs-of-Concept

Read how machine learning helped our non-profit client use less money to create more jobs by successfully sourcing the data needed to develop strong predictive models for Site Capture and Site Retention models.


Ready to start your AI journey and solve business problems? Let our data science experts help you.