Cloud Platforms

We offer cloud platform solutions that can improve and transform business processes.

Cloud Platforms Service Overview

Cloud Computing is the most talked and written about topic in IT today. The hype, both positive and negative, causes most companies to ask the same questions. Is cloud safe? How does cloud fit within existing IT assets? And, most importantly, what is the value to business?

Our mission is simple. We want to provide our clients with advice and solutions on how cloud computing can improve and even transform business functions.

We understand that this is as much a strategy conversation as it is about a particular technology. We are different from most technology specialists because we have the technical knowledge to help design and build a quality solution, as well as the business and industry expertise to understand the immediate impacts cloud can have for companies.


Service Capabilities

Cloud Strategy and Business Case Formulation

This offering is best suited for clients just starting to evaluate possible costs savings and operational efficiencies that can be achieved by a move to cloud infrastructure. Cloud Strategy and Business Case Formulation includes a client review with an assessment of current applications, infrastructure, IT personnel and processes. The deliverables for this offering generally include education on commercially available cloud platforms, cost benefit analysis, end state architecture, roadmap development and implementation planning.

Business Productivity and CRM in the Cloud

Business Productivity and CRM are often the first place our clients look to “dip their toes in the water” as it applies to cloud. It makes a great deal of sense to outsource the maintenance and support of applications such as email, calendar and CRM to a larger provider who can provide these services on a larger scale and often at a cheaper cost.

With this offering, we determine the potential benefits of cloud software adoption. We have the expertise and understanding of the complexities in migrating to a “Software as a Service” model and the potential impacts to applications. Cloud products such as Office 365, Google Apps, and Salesforce as just a handful of the solutions we offer.

Cloud Platforms Architecture and Application Development

Our expertise in public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure is yet another asset we have in building great software products for our clients. Using proven cloud architecture patterns, we can quickly build a short, accelerated proof of concept or solidly build a large implementation that ties existing legacy systems seamlessly with your extended processing needs. We understand the issues surrounding cloud computing including data consistency, security, and system availability – as well as regulatory and privacy concerns.

Centric Consulting Cloud Platforms - Cloud Application Architecture Diagram

Cloud Container Development 

In many cases, completely moving your business to the cloud is not a valid option, but there is still a need to scale portions of your internal applications outside your existing boundaries. A cloud platform container can fill the gap. Containers such as Heroku, AWS’ Elastic Beanstalk, Azure Cloud Services, Cloud Foundry, or EngineYard can provide fully encapsulated processes that can be turned on, scaled, then turned off automatically based on almost real-time needs. In conjunction with a solid queuing/messaging backbone, containers can be linked together to build highly flexible workflow solutions that can handle just about any workload and process-type.


We are software agnostic but have established partnerships with recognized leaders in the industry including:

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