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Richard McGee

Vice President | Indianapolis Practice Lead

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Data & Analytics, Salesforce Administration and Integration, Custom Software Development and Office 365.

Get to Know Me

I am married with 8 children. For most of my adult life, I have been focused on being a good father, but now my children are older now so I have time for myself. I took the time to learn to play the guitar and have had the opportunity to play in a band publicly. I enjoy spending my free time playing tennis and golf. I also love playing basketball and football but age has taken it’s toll so now I’m just a fan of those sports.

That's My Career Passion

“Today’s effective business leaders realize that they are in the technology business. Successful businesses leverage technology to improve client interaction and employee performance and create a competitive product market strategy. I have over 30 years of experience making technology decisions for companies in multiple industries.

I chose to consult with Centric because it gives me the opportunity to leverage my experience, but more importantly, I leverage Centric’s collective experience to help business leaders develop and implement effective technology strategies. That’s my career passion. “

Richard McGee