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Strategy & Execution, Innovation & Transformation, People & Engagement, Process & Efficiency and Technology & Enablement.

Get to Know Me

I am an avid skier and I enjoy golf, volleyball, running, baking artisan bread and brewing hand-crafted beers. I reside in the Enatai neighborhood of Bellevue, WA with my wife and two sons.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

I remember, distinctly, sitting in my client’s office in NYC, overlooking the site where the Twin Towers once stood and asking him what drove his decision to engage one consulting partner over another.

He said, “John, when I sit across from a person – a colleague, employee, vendor, partner or consultant – I evaluate them in two ways… one from the neck up (i.e. intellect, knowledge, expertise); and two from the neck down (i.e. heart, passion, commitment, authenticity). I do this because I need to know that they understand my business and the problem that we are trying to solve (neck up) but, more importantly, I need to know where their heart is – their passion, their motivation. I need to know that they will bring their authentic self and own the business problem as if it were their own (neck down). The first is table stakes, in my opinion. The second is what differentiates one from all the others. That is what drives my decision to engage with a consulting partner.”

Know your WHY, be purpose-driven and bring your authentic self.

Meaningful Difference

“I joined Centric to make a meaningful difference in the professional and personal lives of the people I work with and the clients I serve – to create unmatched experiences for clients and employees.”

John DePalma