Bonny Bird

Cleveland Operations Manager | 216.339.0547

Ask Me About

Strategic Management, Human Resources, Consulting, B2B Industry and Team Development & Leadership.

Get to Know Me

I am the proud mom of two amazing kids, my people. Both keep me very busy. I am very active with their extracurricular activities. I participate in a few local boards.

My parents live in Tampa, giving us plenty of reasons to head South as much as possible for downtime. We also just adopted a new lab puppy that drives our 9-year-old Yorkie crazy and is growing by the minute.

What’s your favorite thing to do with your free time?

I enjoy running and try to run as many 5ks as I can during the summer months but also run outside year round, even in snowstorms! My teenage son and I have been running races together since he was 8 years old. Unfortunately, he is now much faster than me.

True Passion

“I have a true passion working for Centric. While no company is perfect, I feel that Centric makes every attempt to support the employee as well as the client. Centric fosters an environment of collaboration and teamwork giving people the opportunity to grow their careers at the pace that fits the individual. There is also a genuine focus on balance between professional and personal life.”

Bonny Bird