Overcoming post-transformation Property & Casualty challenges and making the most of your core system modernization investment.

You’re a medium-sized Property & Casualty insurer, and you’ve just invested thousands into implementing a Core System Suite. The software is up and running, your team is on board. But what now? How do you get the most out of this investment?

Property & Casualty Core System Suites, such as Guidewire and Duck Creek, are industry standard and have wide adoption in the marketplace. Interestingly, much of the focus around these products is specific to selection and initial implementation. The reality is that following an implementation is the most critical time in realization of benefits, yet it is often just an afterthought.

In this white paper, we will compare and contrast the differences between a modernization or transformation and continuous-improvement mentality as well as focus on navigating post-implementation challenges and opportunities to gain a competitive advantage. By the end, you will know nine critical steps for post-implementation that optimize your core systems investment.

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