How to Drive Adoption of a Collaborative Digital Workplace

Check out these excerpts of our ebook and download to go beyond email with Office 365.

In a world where people expect to have quick access to information, business success is directly tied to embracing new technology that makes it easier for people to work better together and produce results.

By driving adoption of an expanded set of Office 365 tools, you can introduce a digital workplace that increases productivity, communication, and collaboration while also letting your employees and business thrive and grow.

So you made an investment in Office 365 and migrated your email. Despite a few bumps along the way, your first major step is complete. But how do you truly get the full value from Office 365? After all, email is just one of more than two dozen capabilities in the digital workplace platform. More likely than not, you want to maximize your investment by unleashing the power of the platform, creating a collaborative culture that drives business results.

In our ebook, Go Beyond Email with Office 365: How to Drive Adoption of a Collaborative Digital Workplace, we offer practical, pragmatic advice to help you navigate the use and adoption of Office 365. Learn how Office 365 is essential to building a collaborative digital workplace that sets your business up for success. 

Keep reading to learn what it will take for your employees to start using the platform to work better together.