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Optimizing IoT Costs While Using BlueBeak Beacon Technology

Implementing an IoT project is costly, but there are ways to save during the process. We look at cost optimization when setting up BlueBeak beacons.

BlueBeak and the ABCs of the Internet of Things

BlueBeak leverages AWS services to deliver a seamless platform providing location-based services for several industries.

Energy Rebate Company Makes Move to Faster Online System

Centric helped build a new incentive management system using agile for an energy rebate company to keep up with their changing business environment.

Special Care Providers Uses Centric’s BlueBeak Beacon Technology to Improve Healthcare

Use of beacon technology has led to improved metrics and patient outcomes as well as reduced costs and lengths of stay at this hospital unit.

Product Development – Defining Product Success Measures

Clearly defining and articulating product success measures when evaluating a new product is critical to assessing product success.

Developing a Product Taxonomy

It took thinking about their offerings like a fast-food hamburger, but in the end, the client was able to develop a product taxonomy that worked.

Getting to Product Launch

In the third of his four-part series, Dan Driscoll addresses the fundamentals for successful insurance product development projects.

Product Development Success

In this article, Dan Driscoll uncovers product development challenges, and explores the components needed for strong strategy development.